FULL TEXT: Jealousy Mawarire Analyses Trending Tendai Masotsha Audio
24 November 2020
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1)This audio raises a lot of questions.Assuming it’s Masotcha speaking & let’s say everything she is saying there is true & @TeeMuchehiwa confided in her (1)Why wld Tawanda need money from Masotcha to buy food 4 pple in safe houses if Tawanda had been given money from “America? “

2) So Tawanda was given money from America to only buy explosives & hire gunmen but that money wasn’t supposed to buy food for pple in safe houses? (2) If Tawanda confided in Masotcha that he wanted to carry out terrorist activities (kuita misikanzwa) as she puts it, why didn’t

3) Masotcha reprimand him semunhu mukuru? So she was ok giving such a person her flyers & become complicity in the terrorist attacks Tawanda allegedly wanted to commit? Or, Masotcha now wants to justify selling out Tawanda?

4) If Tawanda told Masotcha all these plans,as a senior leader of the party,who else did she tell about Tawanda’s plans since she seemed not to approve of them? What did she do to dissuade the young man? (5) Is Masotcha now cooking up this story to blackmail the MDC investigating

5) team in order to safeguard her party position? 6) Is Masotcha creating this fable inorder to justify state security agents abducting Tawanda? If so, who is she working for? (6) Armed with information on Tawanda’s alleged plans, as a ‘responsible’ citizen that she wants

6) portray, why didn’t she report the case to the police & let police handle the issue? Did she sell this her story to the Ferret team? If she did, why didn’t she use the police? What’s her relationship with the Ferrets?

7) Why does she sound like she used the allegations she had on Tawanda to stifle the Timba investigations? What had Tawanda’s ‘bombs’ to do with MDC-A that gave her power over Timba’s investigations? What information did Masotcha volunteer to Tawanda’s family when he was abducted

8) given that she knew about Tawanda’s alleged shenanigans? Why, if she is a responsible leader, does she want to use her story of bombs to blackmail Tawanda’s family against asking questions around his abduction yet she could have used same infor to assist family to search for

9) him when he was missing. Wasn’t it going to help the family better understand Tawanda’s ordeal had they known about the alleged …s if Masotcha’s story is true? Was Masotcha paid to come up with this narrative to exonerate herself & justify Tawanda’s abductions.

10) What did Masotcha, as a responsible senior leader do to defend Tawanda from abduction? If she didn’t do anything, isn’t it dereliction of duty for a senior party member to fail to protect ordinary party supporters? So the Timba team didn’t find fault with that?

11) When everything is said & done, this audio speaks so much about Masotcha than it reveals anything about Tawanda. I don’t want to pretend like I know what happened but I don’t think anyone wld begrudge me for thinking this Masotcha woman works for the system. Maonerowo angu.