Mugabe’s Son In Law Trial Postponed To 2021
24 November 2020
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By A Correspondent- THE trial date for Simba Chikore, the late former President Robert Mugabe’s son-in-law, who is facing charges of flouting tender regulations, has been slated for January 18 next year.

Chikore, who is husband to the late Mugabe’s daughter Bona, is said to have acted in contravention of procurement regulations which stipulate that any project above the US$10 000 threshhold must go to formal tender.

The offence was allegedly committed when he was still Air Zimbabwe chief operating officer.

The State was, however, ready for trial yesterday, but Chikore, through his lawyer Brighton Pabwe of Venturas and Samukange, argued before Harare magistrate Trynos Wutawashe that he was served with State papers two days before his trial date.

Chikore is being charged with criminal abuse of duty as a public officer. It is the State case that on August 20 2017, Chikore signed a memorandum of agreement with Safeguard Security Company for provision of security services without following procedure.

He entered into a contract for 10 security guards valued at US$16 445 per month which was above US$10 000 threshold for a informal tender.

The State, represented by Panganai Chiutsi, alleges that his conduct was contrary to the terms of the repealed Procurement Act, which stated that any procurement of services above US$10 000 up to US$50 000 required an informal tender procurement procedure.

The accounting officer was supposed to have advertised the tender in newspapers and thereafter evaluate bids, but he did not.

Chikore, although he was not the accounting officer, is alleged to have engaged the services of Safeguard, a task which was supposed to be carried out by accounting officer Ripton Muzenda.