26 November 2020
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BY DR MASIMBA MAVAZA | The 2030 vision set by President ED Mnangagwa is an inch away.

Ngulube with President Mnangagwa

MPs have pulled up their socks and pulled the constituencies towards success. Honourable Albert Ngulube the member of parliament for Beitbridge East Constituency has taken the area by storm. His constituency is in region 5. One of the least developed Constituency but however the coming in of 2nd Republic the new dispensation has brought in a lot of changes and hope. Comrade Ngulube came into the constituency with one sole goal,to change the mind set of the people of his constituency.

He wanted them to have ownership of the development taking place in their respective wards. Ngulube worked hard to involve people in coming out with development projects and own them. This made the people have a pride of their own area and guard any development woth their lives. This was a change in people mindset which made Beitbridge see great developments and developing a slogan “ Iwe neni tine basa” Besides following the Party’s Manifesto Ngulube’s focus was on Infrastructure Development, health, education and roads. Beitbridge embraced and supported all HE’s programmes aimed at Vision 2030.
This we can confidently say Albert Ngulube came out tops and involved the constituency in the self defining projects.

In most cases due to the tight financial constraints Albert Ngulube had to use his personal funds. He donated 200 bags of cement for a construction of a school block and a clinic at Langeni school and Dumba clinic in ward 15. Again working with the rural Council and using Devolution funds the constituency managed to finish another clinic at Tshabili in Ward 2. Honourable Ngulube eased the water problems by drilling 4 boreholes at River Range Irrigation scheme. Thanks to the DFF. The constituency so more than 30 boreholes being repaired all over the Counstituency making water easily assessable for livestocks and people at large. Chikwarakwara Irrigation is currently being rehabilitated and water will be dlowing very soon. This Albert Ngulube had vowed to accomplish soon.

The development in the constituency will mot be enough if we do not mention The Beitbridge – Masvingo- Harare Highway currently underway. The constituency is grateful to cde ED Mnangagwa and the new dispensation for such developments in Beit Bridge. It has created a lot of employment and business in the Constituency. Social Welfare and business partners have continued to feed people but this will be a thing of the past as the programmes being brought bu the new dispensation are life changing and everlasting. The main challenge is drought and livestock feed but with the bore holes being sunk The constituency is hopeful that things will change. Albert Ngulube is one of the MPs who made promises during elections and kept each one of the promises made. During campaigns Ngulube promises to give Brahman Bulls to the Community starting a good breed of food cattle. His aim is to improve the cattle quality. True to his word he will be giving 10 Bulls a year for the quality of the cattle to be born. The Honourable MP has encouraged goat farming. Currently he os spearheading the formation of an add value company dealing with beef production. This will go a long way to by pass the middle man.

With the effects of the COVID 19 Cde Ngulube has donated food to the vulnerables in his Constituency through churches and traditional leaders. Every year he throws a Xmas party for the elderly and also a separate party for the Chief and all his traditional leadership.

He has further Managed to push through for Presidential scholarship for youngsters from his Constituency.

For the First time in thirty years Beitbridge will have a Community Radio Station of which it will get it’s licence in December this will be known as BB-Shashi Venda Community Radio Station.

Ngulube has brought in the diaspora in the developing plans. He has formed Development Groups with the diaspora in order to give those in diaspora a chance to own the development in their area.

Contrary to what people say out there ED has put a positive energy on all constituencies. Zimbabwe is indeed open for business

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