Top Banker Implicated in Garrison Industries Swindling Case
28 November 2020
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By A Correspondent| MBCA head of Credit Herbert Chingono and Garrison Industries founder Tambudzai Tongofa have been taken to court to settle US$5002 they allegedly swindled Crosstrack Investments, a leading borehole drilling company based in Harare.

Chingono is being sued on his personal capacity.

Facts are that in July this year, Garrison Industries which is based in Bulawayo sub- contracted Crosstrack Investments to drill a borehole at Chingono’s residence since the company had no proper equipment and capacity to carry out the task.

Garrison Industries and Chingono agreed to pay US$5002 including tax.

Despite several demands, the defendants have failed to pay for service rendered.

Investigations by this publication have flagged possible conflict of interest between Chingono and Garrison industries.

Garrison Industries got a credit facility from MBCA where Chingono is the head of Credit. It is under unclear circumstances how Garrison Industries ended up paying for borehole drilling at Chingono’s residence.

“It’s a case of kickbacks that have gone wrong. Garrison Industries were supposed to drill a borehole at Chingono’s residence as a thank you token and they were supposed to foot the bill. Chingono has been helping Garrison Industries a lot using his position at MBCA,” said a source who works in the bank.

Contacted for comment, Chingono said, “I am just checking with our Head of Legal if I can respond to a matter before the Courts to which I have prepared a notice to defend. Once I get the nod, I will do the necessary.”