V11s Proving Biden Participated In the Zimbabwe Chimurenga Liberation Struggle As A Mediator
1 December 2020
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By Simba Chikanza | ANALYSIS | What can Zimbabweans benefit from a Joe Biden inside the white house?If the US President elect Joseph Biden was to die in Zimbabwe, he could be buried at the National Heroes Acre, and if he passes on in South Africa, he can be laid to rest next to Nelson Mandela.

In the below picture, is Joe Biden in the late 70s, an all weather Revolutionary, who helped Zimbabwean blacks attain independence, assisted South African blacks to shake off apartheid, and in 2001 personally sponsored the ZIDERA Sanctions Act so to stop this criminal Emmerson Mnangagwa.

To demonstrate how respected and original Biden is, Mnangagwa to date has not said a bad word about him. It has all been celebratory. Zimbabweans seem to have a lot more to smile than Americans, about Biden at this time. Freedom!

Yes Biden, did not hold a gun, but how lesser is he than most Zimbabweans war veterans in present day government leadership who for the entire duration of the war spent 16 years in UK, Kenya, Nigeria, and US?

And now jump to South Africa, Biden is on video campaigning against apartheid. “The majority of South Africans are black and they are being excoriated, he screamed out in a Senate debate (video).

Here is a man who no African leader can accuse. AGREE/ DISAGREE?