Another 450 Tractors Received From Belarus
2 December 2020
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The fleet of tractors received from Belarus

Zimbabwe has received 450 tractors under the Belarus facility ahead of the summer cropping season as Government moves to enhance productivity and adapt to climate change as well as adopting new farming technologies.

In a post cabinet briefing Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Minister Hon Monica Mutsvangwa said the country had received 450 tractors of the 474 expected under the Belarus facility.

“Of the 474 tractors expected under the Belarus facility, 450 tractors have now been received for distribution to farmers through designated banks,” she said.

Minister Mutsvangwa said the country expects to meet its target of more than 290 000 hectares of maize under the National enhanced Crop Productivity Programme.

She said 286 chiefs have benefitted from the reintroduced Zunde Rambo concept.

“The Zunde raMambo concept had been revived and inputs are now being distributed to 286 chiefs.

On National enhanced Crop productivity Programme, the nation is advised that 285 440 hectares of the targeted 290 000 hectares had been registered by 11 829 farmers, and 43 067 hectares had been registered for soya beans out of the targeted 60 000 hectares by 932 farmers. The farmers had received the following inputs: maize seed; soya beans seed; basal fertilizer; soya blend; and top-dressing fertilizer,” she said.