Marry Chiwenga Asks The High Court To Release Her Passport For Her To Go And Get Treatment Outside The Country
4 December 2020
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Marry Chiwenga

Marry Chiwenga nee Mubaiwa has through her lawyers filed an urgent application at the high court seeking the release of her passport so that she can travel to South Africa to seek medical attention, the Daily News reports.

In court papers seen by the publication, Marry said her health has deteriorated she now moves around with a gadget that drains fluid from her body:

I am in extreme constant pain. I now have to carry a gadget which drains the liquids from the wounds. Without immediate specialist care, the wounds are becoming more and more septic and it is paramount that I receive immediate, urgent attention … in South Africa.

As my wounds are getting worse every day and the pain unbearable, I contend that this is a matter of life and death which should be treated with the urgency it deserves

To further make her case Marry said she could not travel to South Africa due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and now that travel restrictions are no longer in place, prosecutors handling her case have not responded to her requests:

Upon lifting of travel restrictions in both Zimbabwe and South Africa, my legal practitioners wrote to the first respondent seeking consent for the release of the passport so that I could travel to South Africa for the necessary treatment, “This letter was followed by many physical visits to Reza, Muchemwa and Mushayabasa, all of whom have asked for proof of my medical attention in South Africa, which has been provided.

Regrettably, it appears that no one wants to make a decision on this issue which could easily have been dealt with without the need for a formal application.

I have been religiously abiding by all my bail conditions since they were imposed and I have no reason not to come back to face trial, particularly as I consider the charges against me extremely weak. In any event, I cannot jeopardise my parents’ property which was used to fulfil one of the bail conditions

Marry who is facing, attempted murder, fraud, and money laundering charges came to court in a stretcher bed this week after magistrate Ngoni Nduna ordered that she appear before the court for her trial.

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