Shock As Masvingo Man Snatches Son’s Wife
4 December 2020
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Tinashe Sambiri|
In what many believe to be sings of the end of time, a Masvingo man impregnated his son’s wife…

The daughter-in-law, Nomatter Mariona reportedly confessed that she got the love charm from controversial preacher, “Prophet”
Isaac Makomichi.

She claimed the prophet instructed her to put the charm in her husband’s plate.

She then put the charm in her father- in -law’s plate by mistake.

She was then dismissed from the family house as her father-in-law began to spoil her with gifts and money.

It has since emerged that Nomatter was impregnated by her father-in-law who has also left the family house to stay with her.

“I was in the process of bringing my wife back home when I was informed that Nomatter could not be located.

I called her asking her to return home and she told me that it was too late because she was already pregnant.

She has moved to Bulawayo with my father.

I blame Makomichi for giving my wife the love charm.

That charm destroyed my family, my mother is in pain now,” said a bitter Tichaona.

Contacted for a comment, Makomichi said:

“Leave me alone, Tichaona is the one who took the wrong plate because he likes meat.”