Chin’ono Saves Newsday
12 December 2020
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By Jane Mlambo| Investigative journalist Hopewell has saved the leading daily newspaper, The Newsday after its Twitter account with more than 500 000 followers was reported for suspicious activities and subsequently restricted.

Chin’ono who has gained international recognition as a leading voice against corruption and human rights abuses in Zimbabwe used his influence to beg Twitter to reconsider its decision on Newsday’s account as well as another belonging to one Yvonne Maphosa.

“Last night I wrote to @twitter regarding the suspension of twitter accounts of critical voices in Zimbabwe of @TamukaKagoro77, @NewsDayZimbabwe & @Mamoxn

“I would like to thank Twitter for quickly responding & reactivating these accounts,” said Chin’ono.

Twitter wrote back to Chin’ono telling him that they had reactivated the accounts.

He was also given the greenlight to flag any impacted accounts in future, something that will come as a blow to the people who had begun a campaign to report all pro-democratic voices for restriction.

In the past, the Ministry of Information, Media and Broadcasting Services as well as Permanent Secretary Nick Mangwana had countless problems with Twitter after their accounts were restricted due to claims that they were responsible for spreading fake news.