Dangerous Ngwena Preying On Villagers In Their Homes At Night
15 December 2020
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State Media

The crocodile inside the bedroom

Villagers from Zananda area under Chief Nhema are now living in fear after a huge crocodile was found stashed in the bedroom hut at one of the villagers homeatead.

The huge repitile was discovered by one Ms Josphine Marandure at around 10 pm last Sunday as she got into the bedroom hut intending to sleep.

The shell shocked Ms Marandure said she alerted other family members who then went and made a police report at Donga Police post.

“We reported the matter to the police and they then alerted officials from the Zimbawe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority who then came and capture the croc the following day,” she said.

Chief Nhema confirmed the incident which he said has left the whole village shell shocked.

He said the huge repitile which did not harm anyone could have crawled out of a nearby Zananda dam which was now full follwing some heavy rains in the area.

“We are still in a state of shock because we have not had such incidents before but we have been given some explanations by officials from Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Managememt Authority that such incidents happen especially when its raining season like this,” he said.