Storm Over ZBC News Anchor Tweet About Diasporans
18 December 2020
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By A Correspondent- News anchor for national broadcaster ZBC, Lee Ann Bernard has come under fire after she appeared to mock diaspora based Zimbabweans.

The news reporter posted a meme which suggested that diaspora based Zimbabweans work menial jobs. The meme further suggested that when these people visit home, they put up a show and pretend as if they are well off. Lee Ann posted the image, with a caption in which she seemed to be inquiring if what is depicted in the images is a true representation of what diasporans go through. This was accompanied by laughing emojis.

The news reader’s apparent joke did not go down well with most people, both local and foreign-based, who appeared to take offence at the joke. Many criticized Lee Ann for mocking hard-working people who earn an honest living and who are supporting their own as well as extended family members back home.

Given the nature of Lee Ann’s job, some also said that it was better to earn an honest living than to read “lies” and “propaganda” for a living.

We post below some of the reactions to the tweet: