Journalist’s Birthday Cake Torches Storm
21 December 2020
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Tafadzwa Zimoyo cake

Social media is awash with messages which wrongly suggest The Herald journalist Tafadzwa Zimoyo has died.

The claims were triggered by pictures of Zimoyo’s birthday cake which some say look like an “obituary”. H-Metro posted on its social media platforms refuting the claims that the journo had died. Said the publication:

We can confirm Tafadzwa Zimoyo is alive and well in the Herald Newsroom …this was no body viewing but a birthday cake

See the pictures below.

Below are some of the responses that were made over the cake:Addy MasunungureKeke uchidya msoro wemunhu, heyy itai mega ngozi yacho????‍♀️

Michael MJ GwarisaI can’t eat that

Tawanda Gee MoyoKuita se munhu ari mu coffin so. Vanhu veku Harare mukuzvinyanya

Dutty BrianI DONT BLAME THOSE WHO THOUGHT HE IS DEAD! The decoration and garnishing of the cake looks like an obituary.

Tilda T ZembeThe last time yandakaona cake rakadai, we were saying rest in peace ?? RIP Moana

Stacy Nonthando MurodziI’m sure the woman agadzira that cake is his ex ??

Dudu Miss-Dee PhakathiThat’s an ugly cake

Trust S MajoniHaa ini I will never eat that cake with peace of mind it jus doesn’t feel right mhani

Rudorwashe DicksonWakanda cake is that?

Theodora NyerereNo for me

Tinotendaishe PerseveranceWhoever made, cook, bake or mould that so-called cake is wishing him dead