MDC Alliance Women’s Assembly UK South West District Donates Christmas Presents To The Needy
26 December 2020
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As we all know, Christmas is a time for giving those less fortunate than us. In accordance with this tradition, the UK MDC A South West District Women’s Assembly carried out a fundraiser that saw many people in the MDC UK and Ireland as well as other well wishers donate money towards President’s Christmas Cheer Fund.

The funds raised were used to buy hampers containing basic groceries which were donated by President Chamisa to deprived families in Zimbabwe.

Let’s not forget that the reason why there are starving families is because of the Zanu government which has presided over the worst deterioration of living standards in the history of Zimbabwe. Let’s not forget that people are starving because Zanu continues to steal money from the economy. The ruthlessness of the corruption is happening because the man who made himself President of Zimbabwe is the biggest crook and most ruthless individual to burden our people. Zimbabweans will do so much better under a Chamisa presidency, everyone knows this.

A special thanks to everyone who donated towards this good cause and a big thank you to His Excellence Adv Nelson Chamisa and VP Lynnete Karenyi who presented the hampers on 23 December 2020 in Harare.

Seasons Greetings

MM Ndoro

MDCA WA Organising Department UK and IRELAND