Duo Get Instant Justice For Fake US$100 Note
2 January 2021
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By A Correspondent- Two conmen were taught a hard lesson that they will never forget as they were thoroughly bashed for trying to dupe an illegal money changer by giving him a fake US$100 near Chicken Inn, opposite Tredgold building in Bulawayo.

The dramatic incident happened on Tuesday at around 10:30PM just in front of the fast-food outlet.

The unfortunate conmen were trying to trick the money changer by giving him a fake US$100 for RTGS cash.

However, their plan landed them into hot soup.

The alert money changer quickly noticed that it was fake money, he then swiftly called his colleagues, who came and rounded off the two partners in crime.

One of the illegal money changers who was feeling the texture of the money exclaimed in a high-pitched voice “iyi fake mari check, they must be beaten because they are thieves.”

One of the illegal money changers hit one of the conmen and others joined in assaulting them.

The incident happened in front B-Metro lenses. One of the conmen who was only identified as Dumo was “clapped” twice and released.

But his dreadlocked friend only identified as Trevor was taught a hard lesson that he will he will never forget.

Money changers and people who were milling around took turns to kick him, while some punched him with fists. He bled from the mouth and nose.

No one cared that he was excessively bleeding as they took turns to kick and hit him.

The major highlight of the incident was when one vendor hit him several times with a sjambok all over the body causing Trevor to wail for help. They tore his shirt and trousers with some wanting to cut off his dreadlocks.

He tried to cover his essentials but it was a fruitless effort because they hit him even on the hands and arms, forcing him to leave his assets dangling in the open for everyone to see.

Two police officers who were on patrol came to his rescue and warded off the vicious mob.