MDC Alliance Students’ Council Statement on Alan Moyo’s Incarceration:Full Text
2 January 2021
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Friday January 1st, 2021

The MDC Alliance Students’ Council is disturbed by the prolonged incarceration of one of our own Alan Moyo. Our NEC led by chairperson Prince Gora visited Cde Moyo on Thursday and found him in good spirits but in need of his freedom. Alan is just a student leader whose only crime is believing and fighting for academic freedoms and a better Zimbabwe.

Today is the 25th day of his imprisonment and the state continues to play micky mouse games with Moyo’s freedom in particular Magistrate Judith Taruvinga who deliberately distorted the report of Alan’s bail hearing and left out key information. The record was as a result struck off at the high court and his lawyer now have to go back to the lower court to have the record corrected. All this is being done to deny Alan Moyo freedom which we equally continue to demand. If they do not free him, we will soon be freeing our anger as we have done before.

The ED Mnangagwa led government has failed and its only response to the wailing people of Zimbabwe is the use of force to silence us instead of silencing us through addressing the crisis in the country. Surely the government will never tire in frustrating us but we will also never tire in demanding and fighting for a better Zimbabwe.

_Inserted by cde Flame

Students’ Council Secretary General

Alan Moyo