BREAKING: The Explosive WhatsApp Chats Of Mwonzora With Girlfriend, 100% Confirmed.
9 January 2021
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The below WhatsApp chats albeit denied by Senator Douglas Mwonzora on Saturday morning, have been fully confirmed by his girlfriend of many years , Lwazi Sibanda who is at the centre of the conversations, and had personally shared them with MDCT top cadre, Mr Patson Murimoga (full interview streaming on Lwazi Sibanda speaks to ZimEye in a 20 minute long interview.

Douglas Mwonzora
Douglas Mwonzora

[1/7, 8:26 PM] Douglas Mwonzora: So what happened?
[1/7, 8:42 PM] Lwazi Sibanda: ?? Sorry spent the whole day ku mine just arriving home.Murimoga was very angry he didn’t even want to listen to me .He said col hm
[1/7, 8:42 PM] Lwazi Sibanda: You Kno his number
[1/7, 8:43 PM] Douglas Mwonzora: If this continues I am recalling the people behind him. They have started the fight. I have done nothing wrong. I won fairly but people want to continue fighting.
[1/7, 8:57 PM] Douglas Mwonzora: If this is what they are going to do it’s ok.
[1/7, 8:58 PM] Lwazi Sibanda: Give me tyme and tok to him maybe today he was stressed
[1/7, 9:00 PM] Douglas Mwonzora: As you can see people create thier own devil. I consider myself a good man.
[1/7, 9:01 PM] Lwazi Sibanda: Why don’t you col him n tok
[1/7, 9:03 PM] Douglas Mwonzora: I will never do that. What else do you people want me to do?
[1/7, 9:05 PM] Lwazi Sibanda: Well l thought maybe since he asked me kuti mukoma knows my number why didn’t he col me himself t
[1/7, 9:06 PM] Douglas Mwonzora: We are not the same. He is wrong. He did something very wrong. He is continuing. I never stole anything. But it’s ok. I guess I have to fight back. At least I tried.
[1/7, 9:08 PM] Lwazi Sibanda: Let me tok to him again tomorrow
[1/7, 9:08 PM] Douglas Mwonzora: Well it’s now up to you guys
[1/7, 9:09 PM] Lwazi Sibanda: I am not involved in this Murimoga thing.
[1/7, 9:10 PM] Douglas Mwonzora: Your team is involved Lwazi