Fadzai Mahere, Sikhala Court Appearance Update
15 January 2021
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The updates are courtesy of the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights…

ZLHR: At Harare Magistrates Court, we have since morning been waiting for Magistrates to hand down rulings in the case of Hon. Job Sikhala and Fadzai Mahere

ZLHR: Advocate Mahere has now been brought in courtroom 11.

Advocate Fadzai Mahere in court

ZLHR: Advocate Mahere has now been brought to court & proceedings have commenced with Prosecutor Muchemwa handing over a report compiled by Police regarding complaints she filed on Monday

ZLHR: David Drury protests against contents of the police report and requests that the court visits Harare Central Police Station to see for it the inhuman conditions obtaining at the police station.