Oppah Muchinguri Blames Chinese People For Experimenting With Deadly Coronavirus
16 January 2021
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Oppah Muchinguri

Tinashe Sambiri| Zanu PF stalwart, Oppah Muchinguri- Kashiri says the Chinese people are to blame for experimenting with the deadly Coronavirus.

This follows the death of Minister of State for Manicaland, Ellen Gwaradzimba.

Read Muchunguri-Kashiri’s remarks below:

Washaya mwana wangu washaya meaning she is dead, my daughter is dead. Mwana wangu washaya kani she is gone she is gone.

Takaedza kani takaedza meaning we tried everything we really tried to help her get better. The Lord has laughed at us we tried everything….the children. What about the children? They have killed me (Ellen’s death) has destroyed me. This has destroyed me. I am in pain, so much pain. ….
What? drink ginger? I am not sick. I am well. I am not sick. It’s just people that are saying lies. They are lying. I am not sick. I am very well and healthy. They have said that I am sick but it’s not true. They have said that I am sick four times and even suggested that I have died four times. But it’s not true.
Ok my children.

I suffered a lot with Ellen. I couldn’t sleep while she was sick. The doctors talked to me everyday, together with the children. She was in pain she was in so much pain. She has let us down today. Hazvina mhosva…..
She took everything, all the medication…everything we tried. Vaccine?

No there is no vaccine yet in the country. I will never take the vaccine. I will not take “your” vaccine, I will not take your vaccine unless if it’s developed by our own people, Zimbabweans. If they develop our own vaccine. Why can’t we also develop our own vaccine. Why should we take that which is developed by others? Why can’t we also make our own vaccine? Let’s develop our own.

We are trying our own, we are also trying our own that which we are developing with the help of the Chinese maybe it will be successful maybe it will be successful. I do not know.

I also heard that he is not well. I also heard that Chinamasa is sick….Chinotimba I heard that he is not well. I heard that he is not too well. But I am well and not sick. I am assisting a lot of people. I am the one helping a lot of people who are not well here in Manicaland. Ana Getty vese I brought them here everyone in Manicaland I am helping them. Bringing them here to help with their treatment. I am looking for resources to help them getting them treated.

It is not possible (to stay at home) I am going to the children. I can’t leave them alone Ellen’s children. I can’t do that. We left together with Ellen, we left their home while going to seek treatment. I left with their sick mother. They (other family members) were all sick but they got better. I can’t leave them.
Zimbabweans are dying. This is serious. Covid 19 is serious.

The Chinese, the disease is now on a fresh peak now. Cases are rising again. They are the ones who started their experiments and things got out of hand and now their experiments are costing us. They cannot control this now. They have costed us…. those whom we call our all weather friends, look at what they have done to us.

We have to be strong. Indeed we have to be strong
Let me attend to the children so that we can organise the funeral. We have managed to take the body to Doves so we need to do the heroes burial. We are liasing with the leaders. We are talking to the party leadership. Please forgive me so that I can start doing the job ….we are taking extra care we are wearing the masks 4 4, face screens, gloves everything.

We are drinking the medicines zinc garlic we are drinking we will not stop. But Covid 19 is killing- it is killing people. Its still a journey. We are protecting our health wearing masks, social distancing everything. Zvakaoma. This is a deadly disease, it is a killer disease. It has wrecked havoc.

These people, who are now at the top at ZBC, they are not doing anything. They are just busy promoting themselves (the top stalwarts at ZBC).

They are not even conscientising the public on the dangers of Covid-19….
On the safety of the president in the wake of Covid- 19…..Vanokanganiswa meaning he is not safe at all.

Our enemies are using the people around him (bodyguards) to spread the virus to our senior leaders. We are even suspecting that. It is well my son. Thank you.

Oppah Muchinguri
Oppah Muchinguri