“I am Not Obsessed With Nudity”: Vimbai Zimuto
24 January 2021
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By A Corrongstress Vimbai Zimuto sat down with the Daily News and took the time to clarify a few things including her supposed obsession with nudity.  Zimuto, whose nude photos went viral in 2019,  said she is not obsessed with nudity because she came into the world nude and there was nothing wrong with that.

Zimuto addressing her nudity obsession said her nude pictures and videos are just part of her work and they are divorced from Vimbai Zimuto as a person:

I have to correct you on the notion that I am obsessed with nudity. I am not obsessed with nudity. Nudity is how I came to earth so how can I be obsessed with something so natural. There is nothing weird about that. People need to understand that I don’t spend my day naked; I don’t walk around naked.

I don’t do that. . . it’s just part of my work. Sometimes I go to fine art classes where they just want me to sit there and draw my body because they love my body. It’s part of art. It has nothing to do with my morality. It has nothing to do with who I am as a girlfriend, wife or mother.

It’s part of my work. I don’t spend my day naked. It’s amazing that people actually think that way. Even when you see me on Instagram I will be telling stories through nude art. . . when you see me seated trying to tell a story through nude art; it’s about the story.

It has nothing to do with Vimbai Zimuto as a person, Vimbai Zimuto as a mother or Vimbai Zimuto in the street. If we understand that then we will get somewhere with our art.

Zimuto also responded to the question if she did controversial songs like kupakichwa, hapana kwaunoenda just to increase her ratings and said:

I wouldn’t say that because at that stage I was still discovering myself, who I am and what makes me tick.

When you have worked with legends such as the late Oliver Mtukudzi and Tanga weKwaSando it makes it difficult for you to find yourself because of the all-round ability you have. I can sing jazz, opera and choral music. In fact, I am a former member of Chitungwiza Harmony Singers.

I can sing and dance traditional music be it shangara, chokoto, mhande… I can do all that. So for the past three years when I began my solo career I went haphazard and tried my hand at everything I could. Then I found my passion; my passion is love and sensual music. I will go for it and this year it will be fireworks

Vimbai recently bagged her first Dutch advertisement a deal she described as her first advertisement in the EU. She says she has been in the advertising industry since she finished high school