Doctors React To Threats Policy
26 January 2021
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By A Correspondent- The Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association which represents junior and middle-level doctors has reminded the government that it has a zero-tolerance to threats policy.

This comes after the Permanent Secretary of Information, Nick Mangwana, had insinuated that some doctors were deliberately killing political elites in hospitals. He has since apologised and withdrawn his statement.

Still, the doctors issued a statement reiterating that they have a zero-tolerance to threats poliy. Below is ZHDA’s statement.

In the light of recent events, the ZHDA would like to remind responsible authorities of its zero tolerance to threats targeting its members, whether in person or through social media platforms.

The labeling as “health assassins’ of dedicated healthcare workers, risking their lives daily to save the people of our land, is not only disheartening but irresponsible and is regrettable, coming from a senior government official.

We urge members of the public to continue abiding to COVID-19 regulations in order to safeguard life and prevent overwhelming our already incapacitated health care system.

statement by doctors