Serial Bedhopping Businessman Breaks Marriages
28 January 2021
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By A Correspondent- The serial bed-hopping antics of Plumtree-based businessman Bhekisisa Bhebhe, who was chucked out of his in-laws’ house after his shenanigans were exposed, caused the marriage dissolution that befell a Bulawayo businessman and his then wife Sithandekile Magida.

It is alleged Bhebhe, who frequents Bulawayo has since been seen with Sithandekile Magida for some time and their relationship has been going for the past two years.

“Sithandekile has been seeing Bhebhe for the past two years behind her husband’s back. And she even posted on Facebook saying she has been in the farming business with Bhebhe for some time. Shockingly during their marriage she did not introduce Bhebhe to her husband and that raised eyebrows,” said a source close to Sithandekile.

The impeccable source said Sithandekile was customarily married to a man named Wonder Phiri, but their union developed cracks. And it came down crashing in October last year.

“The two Sithandekile and Wonder were married under unregistered customary marriage. Their marriage started to develop cracks sometime last year and the two approached courts to mend it sadly the situation never healed as a result they dissolved their union last year,” said the privy source.

Contacted for comment Phiri said: “To set the record straight I got married to Sithandekile on 22 December 2018 under unregistered customary marriage that was terminated on 28 October last year. That is all I can say, kindly stop calling me because that is a closed chapter. I’m now minding my own affairs.”

But Sithandekile, who is a sales and distribution manager for a local brewery company, still insists through her lawyer that she is married and the union is blessed with two children. She does not state who she is married to.

“She is a married family person with two children,” reads the letter in part.

Sithandekile refuted the allegations that she was cohabiting with Bhebhe.

“He (Bhebhe) does not stay with me, anyone can come and see whether I’m staying with him or not. I stay with my child and a helper. Actually we are in business . . . he was our customer,” said Sithandekile.

Ruponiso told this reporter that after her husband stumbled on the dirty WhatsApp messages, he confronted Bhebhe.

“These messages have caused me a lot of problems, my husband confronted Bhebhe after seeing them and Bhebhe apologised. Bhebhe’s wife Rebecca got angry as well after seeing the messages and wrote to me a message on Facebook saying due to my affair with Bhebhe I have caused a rift in her marriage,” said the distraught Ruponiso.

Bhebhe’s open zip game has seen him being suspended by Guta Ra Mwari Zvimiso’s (GRMZ), the church that he goes to. The church’s leadership found him guilty and stopped him from carrying out church duties. A letter of his censure was signed by Barnabas Benson Chimoto, the leader of GRMZ.

“A meeting was held on December last year at GRMZ headquarters after the leadership received numerous reports that Bhebhe was having sexual and extra- marital relations involving a large number of women and having a sexual relationship with a member of GRMZ,” reads the letter which B-Metro is in possession of.

The source said the meeting was presided over by the representatives of the supreme council, international council and disciplinary committee of GRMZ.

“It was unanimously agreed that Bhebhe must be immediately stripped off of his duties as an Evangelist at GRMZ and should attend services as an ordinary member. He must remove the red tie and revert to wearing khaki tie. He is not to carry out any duties during GRMZ services such as, but not limited to: chairing of meetings, reading of standing orders or conducting choirs,” reads the letter.

The source further states that things are not so rosy in Bhebhe’s marriage as well as his wife Rebecca, who is based in Britain, wants out of the marriage and has filed for divorce after his dirty secrets came tumbling out of the closet after someone posted sexually explicit messages that he exchanged with Ruponiso on a church WhatsApp group.

Bhebhe and Rebecca are in the said church WhatsApp group.

Efforts to confirm whether Bhebhe received the letter were fruitless as his mobile phone went straight to voicemail.

Meanwhile, a number of emissaries, some of them journalists and a popular DJ, who were sent by Bhebhe tried, but failed to exert undue pressure on B-Metro to drop the story last week. Promises of financial rewards were made.

The Zimpapers Human Resources Department in Bulawayo was made aware of the bribery attempts.