Killing The Mvuma Hospital Snake Was Unnecessary | FULL THREAD | OPINION…
30 January 2021
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The killing of the Mvuma Hospital snake was very much unnecessary, however I do understand their actions were due to fear. I will explain why we musnt kill snakes.
They play a very important role in the ecosystem, eating small organisms like rats/mice, lizards, frogs etc thereby controlling populations.

It’s highly likely that the snake was just following a rat/mouse or lizard when it strayed into the hospital.

Don’t be surprised to see why we problems with various small organisms, it is because we kill snakes which help us control them.

I know that most of us are very scared of snake, but just want to encourage people that next time when we see a snake, lets think in the context of creating another problem in terms of uncontrollable population of frogs, lizards, mice, rats before killing them.

If we kill all snakes that we see it means nothing will eat small organisms leading to an exponential growth in their population such that we struggle to control them.
Snakes only attack when they feel threatened. This applies to any other wild animal. I hope this will help us.

Lastly, when we have a boom in population of one , its an indication of a problem in the ecosystem where there are a few predators 2control tht organism eg large baboon population can mean threz few lions/leopards 2naturally kill some of them.
Swams of locusts ar due 2fewer birds eating them.