Zanu PF Will Never Negotiate In Good Faith
31 January 2021
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By Jeffryson Chitando

2019 Article….has the situation changed?

“Don’t break a bird’s wings and tell it to fly.

Why then should you shoot unarmed civilians, arrest hundreds of MDC Alliance supporters and then call for dialogue?

In 2008, the Mugabe regime used the short sleeve and long sleeve crude tactic to enforce GNU talks —then is the so called new despensation different from the old?

Dr Joshua Nkomo had to flee -disguised as a pregnant woman during Gukurahundi.

Shiri ine murire wayo hairegi.

When praying with a hyena never close both eyes.Should you negotiate to free a trapped hungry lion?The economy has trapped the lion and now it’s demanding negotiations at gun point.

Don’t exploit people and expect them to stand on your side..Don’t play with people’s emotions and expect them to support your cause. You cannot expect to give bad things and receive good things.

Zanu PF must learn to do good things to the people.

Patriotic Papa JC speaks when things are not good

Jeffryson Chitando