“Mnangagwa Regime Lacks Will For Reforms”
27 February 2021
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Tinashe Sambiri|MDC MDC Alliance vice president, Hon Tendai Biti has denounced the persecution of human rights activist Makomborero Haruvizishe by Mr Mnangagwa’s administration.

Writing on Twitter, Hon Biti called for the immediate release of Makomborero Haruvizishe.

“Makomborero Haruzivishe is a national treasure.A quite humble intelligent articulate and brave compatriot.

He has been brutalized by the regime throughout his life including multiple expulsions from University.He is not a criminal. Please do the right thing&let him go home #FreeMako.”

On the deepening economic crisis Hon Biti wrote:

“Zimbabwe has an unsustainable debt level that is putting huge premium on development Resolving debt crisis key in unlocking development funds in #IFIs. At least Chinamasa had his ill fated Lima Plan. Post coup regime has no desire or plan to tackle debt.Lacks any will for reforms.

Article IV Report was an effective write off for Zim.A pariah regime incapable of reform. Besides illegitimacy & toxic politics it is regime s inextricable symbiosis with corruption & capture that has killed any prospect of another #SMP & engagement with #IFIs.”

Hon Biti