Never Be In Politics For Cash- Japa Japa
1 March 2021
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27 February 202, 104 pm


The President of Zimbabwe Centre For Equal Opportunities (ZCEO) a Civic Society Organisation, Mr Paddington Japa Japa has warned any would be or current Politicians not to be in Politics with a desire for Higher Political Positions,making Quick Money or taking Politics as Business Enterprise.

The Word of God in 1 Timothy 6 vs 10 says,For the Love of Money is the root of all evil,Some have been so eager to have it that they have wandered away from the Truth,Faith and have broken their hearts with many sorrows.The book of Ecclesiastes 7 vs 12 says,For Wisdom is a defence and Money is also a defence,it answers all the Problems that we encounter in our life.At the same time the Love of it (Money) is the root of all evil.If there is any would be or current Politician who is in the game to gain too much Power,make quick Money,or taking Politics as a Business, i warn you as a Brethren to desist from that habit.The moment one gets into Politics with the intention of getting rich quickly,gaining too much power and rising randomly through the political ladder, one will not last longer.This is the main reason why we see many aspiring Politicians who might have the potential of being Good leaders ending up failing and falling by the wayside, in their Political Journey.

Examples of Politicians who fell by they wayside in Zimbabwe are Bishop Abel Tendekayi Muzorewa,Morris Nyathi a sellout and those who are bound to fall in the near future being,Thokozane Khupe,Douglas Mwonzora,Morgen Komichi,Elias Mudzuri and the other so called 22 fake Opposition “Presidents” who form the POLAD Bunch.Thokozane Khupe is openly heard on a Video shortly before the 31 July 2018 General Election saying these words at a meeting of her Party executive committee,we are in Politics to make Money. Khupe Mwonzora,komichi and Mudzuri sold out the People’s Struggle and election victory in 2018 to Zanu Pf.The Cabal was lured by the Love of Money,desire to rise quickly to higher political echelons,and their insatiable Appetite to get rich quickly.Muzorewa did the same, he supped with the Devil Ian Douglas Smith,tried to cause stoppage of the War of liberation be midway, but without success.The Patriotic Front leadership did not buy into the foolish and stupid idea,they executed the war to its end until final Victory was achieved. Morris Nyathi a sellout did the same, he pretended as if he had joined the war of liberation as a trainee Cdre, but once he had obtained sufficient liberation war secrets he disappeared, sold out to the Rhodesian Front under Ian Smith,it was all because of the Love of Money.Thousands of Liberation war Cdres, Civillians,refugees and Mozambican instructors were massacred at Tembwe,Nyadzonia and Chimoio by the Rhodesian Forces under General Peter Walls,it was all because of the love of Money. Judas Iscariot sold out Jesus Christ the Son of the living God for 34 cents,and Jesus was crucifed by the Roman Empire at the Cross,it was all because of the Love of Money. Recently just a few days ago two former MDCA Standing Committee Members namely Blessing Chebundo and Lillian Timveous Committed the same Judas Iscariot Act,sold out, one them joining MDCT first then later both joined Zanu Pf.Their move was Condemned by all democratic forces around the world.The MDCA Deputy Chairman Job “Wiwa” Sikhala said,”It is better to point a gun and shoot yourself in the head rather than joining Zanu Pf, considering all the evil things which the Zanu Pf Government has done to destroy the Opposition MDCA.”

In her statement of resignation Timveous acted like a Hyena which when hungry eats its own Children, but before eating them the hyena first of all accusses the Children of smelling like goats.Timveous tries to tear into MDCA Secretary General Charlton Hwende as someone who is destroying the Party from within but all she said is taken with a pinch of salt,everything is quickly rubbished as the usual waffling of a disgruntled political failure, who thought that Opposition Politics is like taking a stroll in the Park.Timveous thought as Deputy Treasurer General she was going to make quick Money at MDCA get out quickly and use the proceeds from her loot as Cash injection into her collapsing Business.From the MDCA internal sources Timveous is accussed of formely fermenting divisions in the Party structures by forming a Shadowy Group called “WOMEN FOR CHAMISA”an illegal structure within the Party Structures.Her intention was to use this group to campaign for her to become the MDCA Vice President, but that did not happen as planned, she was defeated hands down by Madam VP Kore Karenyi at the Gweru 2018 Congress.Timveous is also accussed of trying to Capture the MDCA Presidium, including President Nelson Chamisa himself by hosting Presidential Dinners with the help of her Shadowy illegal Women for Chamisa Cabal.

All the group members have now crossed the floor with her to join Zanu Pf, a sign that they had ulterior motives from the day the group was formed.Five days ago we heard Timveous and her colleague Blessing Chebundo barking from State House denouncing the same Party that groomed them to where they are today and for them to be recognised as Politicians by Society.The two were paraded at State House like Presidential Guest, something which is usual reserved for dignitaries from foreign Governments only.Zimbabweans who have suffered at the hands of the Brutal Mnangagwa,s Zanu Pf Regime will never forgive sell outs like Timveous,Chebundo,Matutu,Mwonzora,Khupe,Mudzuri and Komichi, for selling out the People,s Struggle and the 2018 election victory, due to the love of Money,Power and Higher Political Positions.If Zanu Pf Government thinks they have made a big Catch, by acquiring these two Poilitical rejects from MDCA who found the going getting tougher in their quest for higher Positions,Authority and Money then we advise the Regime that MDCA has got millions of talent within its ranks.Stop fishing from the fish pond Zanu Pf, you shall spend a lot of Money luring MDCA Members who are in the Structures but that is not going to destroy the People,s Project.It is like hair, once the barber shaves off the overgrown ones there is immediate natural replacement.

May i warn all Current and would be Politicians that never be in Politics for Money,Gaining too much Power or random attainment of Higher Positions .You must patiently wait for your turn and opportunity to come, when time is ripe.FOR THE LOVE OF MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL.


Paddington Japa japa