People’s Struggle Unstoppable
1 March 2021
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The MDC movement was born to emancipate people from the failed regime of ZANU PF.

The struggle was not to fill the pockets of the greedy few but to ensure that Zimbabwe goes back to democracy, rule of law, fighting corruption, ensure good working conditions for the employees, back to constitutionalism, fighting one party state, fighting state capture, ensure free and fair elections and so forth.

In Bindura we don’t forget the ruthless Border Gezi, Elliot Manyika, Masawi, the Mujambajechas and the rest evil crew of ZANU PF.

They killed our cadres in the likes of Trymore Midzi and several others. We have cadres who were with us in the trenches and we salute them.

One of the pioneers of the movement who never sold out and never left the struggle is Elliot Pfebve and his brother was killed in cold blood. These are the types of leaders who formed the MDC movement not for positions but for the total freedom of all the Zimbabweans.

The Gweru Congress ushered in New Leadership and the whole structure is intact. The diaspora structure is intact and all the external provinces support the struggle. The current leadership will take us far under the able leadership of President Nelson Chamisa.

Those who want to leave because of party positions you are free to leave. But my advise is that kusina amai hakuendwe. Together we will make a difference. The struggle is ours.

MDC Alliance Bindura