We Were Exposed To COVID-19 Everyday- Alan Moyo
2 March 2021
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Tinashe Sambiri|Fearless human rights activist Alan Moyo says conditions in the country’s prisons are “hell on earth.”

Alan Moyo was arrested and spent 74 days in prison for speaking on behalf of students and suffering Zimbabweans.

Alan Moyo also revealed how he was exposed to COVID-19 everyday.

He described the conditions in country’s prisons as pathetic.

“We were exposed to COVID-19 everyday.Everything is just terrible.

However, my message to students and citizens in general is clear- we have to fight for freedom.

I am determined to fight for freedom. I have been hardened by the tough conditions in jail. I am ready to pay the price for freedom- there is no going back,” said Alan Moyo.

Watch video below: