Human Rights Defenders Are Not Criminals
4 March 2021
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By Cecilia R Chimbiri |
The Zanu Pf led government has criminalized solidarity .

Can you imagine ? The Panic mode is sickening as they continue to persecute by Prosecution every voice that speaks.How is this Inciting Public Violence ?

The harassment of Human Rights Defenders , Activists , Politicians , Student leaders , Journalists and citizens speaking out to the Zimbabwean Problem has to be called out nometta what simply because it is not a crime to speak out and voice your concerns as a Zimbabwean .

You tell me Is it a crime to be in Solidarity ?
Is it a crime to mourn with those who mourn ?
Is it a crime to stand for something ?
Definitely Not!!

A Petty Government a dictatorship in Panic is doing this right here in Zimbabwe .

How long my fellow citizens ?
How long shall this be done unto us my fellow young people ?


Cecilia Chimbiri