We Need Closure On Questionable National Projects !!!
4 March 2021
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Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo writes :

Zimbabwe is the only country, where I have witnessed Mps going to Parliament to collect fuel coupons, allowances, good ventilation in Holiday Inn, Crown Plaza, Sheraton Hotel ( Rainbow Towers), and that’s all , off they go to their respective constituencies, or perhaps sell the few copouns, or convert them into USD. Today we have outstanding projects that we seek closure such as

  1. Kunzvi dam
  2. Beitbridge road construction. How much was the cost? Who is doing the Monitoring & Evaluation systems? Who is the main contractor?
  3. We have the Great Dyke project or rather discoveries. Any report about these discoveries to the nation? Do we have a national report on the entire mineral discoveries countrywide?

NB : All we have witnessed, is the new discovery series vehicle heading to Mutorashanga ( Great Dyke), no feedback nothing else

  1. The Monetary Policy Committee ( MPC), resigned, nothing formal was reported, except the appointment of a new Committee. Any evaluation of the previous Committee
  2. We have Mps from Alliance MDC who were expelled from Parliament, or rather recalled, what is the status about their vehicles which they were allocated?

NB : These are national resources, which require feedback, monitoring appraisal and strong Institutional capacity framework

NB : The Parliamentary role is to play an oversight role and monitor resources and implementation.

  1. Mbuya Nehanda project along Samora Machel Ave. How much cost was the Mbuya Nehanda project ? Who is the main contractor?
  2. What is the state of NRZ and other State Companies which are now in state of collapse?
  3. How much gold do we have as a nation?
  4. We need proper Strategic reporting to the nation through systems such as Parliament
  5. We were told that ZAAC managed to recovery over 500 million from those who were externalizing foreign currency. Who are those people who externalized Foreign Currency? What happened to them?
  6. We need a strong Research and Development plan for our country
  7. The implications of Covid-19 pandemic. Both positives and negatives. A proper Economic Recovery framework to address the fundamentals hoovering around the Covid-19 pandemic
  8. Where is the National Development plan?
  9. Fiscal imbalances. Where is the surplus, Prof Muthuli talked about? Was it in RTGs? What have they done with the surplus budget?
  10. We have allocations for Devolution funds for all provinces. Where is the money? Any feedback, proposals and implementation evaluation processes

We need proper Strategic Thinking around the current trajectory

Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo is the Head of Zimbabwe Institute of Strategic Thinking – ZIST, and he can be contacted at [email protected]