Patriotism Cannot Be Imposed On Citizens- MDC Alliance
7 March 2021
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Tinashe Sambiri|The MDC Alliance Namibia has said Zanu PF is abusing the term patriotism in a bid to muzzle alternative voices.

Patriotism cannot be imposed on citizens, according to the MDC Alliance.

Read full statement below:


06 MARCH 2021

Mdc Alliance Namibia is absolutely amazed that the Parliament of Zimbabwe has the time to debate on the useless patriotic bill that seeks to muzzle the citizenry’s democratic rights to express their political opinions about how Zimbabwe is being governed.

Instead of priotising fixing the devastating economic meltdown, Zanupf Mberengwa South legislator Alum Mpofu said, “I move the motion in my name that: Cognisant that Zimbabwe’s image and national reputation are critical factors in attracting foreign investment…have enacted laws that bar citizens from engaging in unpatriotic activities and communication intended to denigrate the integrity of their homeland”.

This is incontrovertible evidence proving Mnangagwa’s futile attempt to put Zimbabweans on mute and make sure they don’t castigate the cartels and their enablers who are running national affairs like their tuckshops.

Mpofu’s utterances unearthed Zanupf’s deliberate diversion from serious national issues like the gross abuse of human freedoms manifesting in unprecedented levels of human butchery of opposition activists and journalists. Zanupf legislator went on to open up attacking his own rotten system in the process of moving the motion. He said,”…the overwhelming majority of Zimbabweans are focused on building the positive image of the country as reforming , open , peaceful and democratic country that is attractive to investment”. This is a clear testimony that even politically inept Zanupf morons also subscribe to social democracy but due to fear of persecution by the Harare monocratic regime, they continue to support looting and corruption.

Moreover,Mdc Alliance Namibia would like to make it clear that they reject to be stifled by greedy politicians who intend to silence voices of dissent in the motherland and the diaspora.

We shall continue to speak condemning autocratic Zanupf government for failing to revamp our economy. We shall continue to amplify our revolutionary voices against the arbitrary arrests and detention of our people for speaking against the selective application of the law. Zanupf must know that patriotism can’t be imposed on the citizens.

Love is a natural drive! This attempt to compel citizens to love a country governed by greedy stomach politicians who eat on behalf of the citizens who continue to wallow in abject poverty as Zanupf accelerates belly politics of plunder and self-enrichment.

We concur with Hon Molokele Daniel who postulated that the talk of patriotism should not be allowed in Parliament when the motherland has political prisoners in the names of Cde Makomborero Haruzivishe, Takudzwa Ngadziore, Chiriga, Hon Joana Mamombe, Cecilia Chimbiri, Tungamirai Madzokere, Last Maengahama only to mention but a few. Mdc Alliance Namibia demands the unconditional release of its organic and pragmatic leadership.

The Parliament of Zimbabwe must be people driven. We can’t have a Parliament that decides on behalf of the people against their will as well the Supreme Law of the country. Demonstrations and protests are allowed by the 2013 constitution, Joana and other revolutionaries should be allowed to express their political opinions without fear of persecution by prosecution. These are the issues that should be brought to the August House for debating.

Furthermore, we have got civil society activists who have been denied bail in the motherland for standing up for the truth or being true patriots.

How then do you expect such citizens to say anything positive about a satanic thugocratic government that is tormenting its citizens for sharing a different plate of political opinion? Civil servants and all in the private sector are struggling to join pieces together including paying school fees for their helpless children. In the recent months , we saw Amalgamated Rural Teachers’Union of Zimbabwe’s Gender Secretary for Masvingo Province (Artuz) sentenced to 10 months imprisonment for demanding a living wage against slave wages paid to teachers in the motherland. These are the issues that must be brought to Parliament to give trade unionists their powers to protest against unsalted peanuts (meagre salaries).

To wind it up, Mdc Alliance Namibia urges Mpofu to preach the ideology of social democracy to his cronies before moving foolish and helpless motions in the sacred House of Legislators. As a district , we shall continue speaking against gross abuse of power by Zanupf terrorists. We are not deterred by empty bills that are meant to rob us of our democratic rights to speak out our minds regarding governance issues. We are Zimbabweans! We are not scared of the patriotic bill since we are going to employ all our organs to resist an attempt to establish a One-party state.


Mdc Alliance Namibia
Rundu Branch Spokesperson
Robson Ruhanya