Rhumba Musician Defeats Cancer
10 March 2021
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Rhumba musician, Mcebisi Freedom Mlilo who leads Amathonga Amahle has recounted his battle with cancer last year saying it was a horrific experience which almost led to his demise.

Hailing from Bhewula Village in Kezi, Mlilo said he battled cancer for three months from June to August last year, a period he said was the hardest in his life.

So bad was the condition that fellow musicians and rhumba fans had to pull resources together to assist him.

“I suffered from cancer for three months and it was the worst period of my life. It was really hard for me as it also rendered me immobile. I survive only on music and it became very hard for me to sustain myself.

“It took the intervention of other musicians and fans to help me raise the money which was needed for me to get help,” said Mlilo.

Narrating how the condition came about, Mlilo said: “I began to feel a piercing pain on my leg and it worsened. I had to look for help and was diagnosed with cancer in my leg.”

Mlilo said by the grace of God, he has fully recovered although a lot of his fans still inquire about his health likely due to a video of his plea that is still circulating on social media.

“During the time of my sickness, a video was produced to appeal for assistance. The video went viral on social media platforms and even up to now, it’s still circulating. Because of this video, rhumba lovers are still inquiring how they can assist me.

“I just want to inform them that I’ve recovered from cancer and I’m very grateful for the assistance and prayers,” he said.

The 31-year-old musician said there is no need for fans to continue circulating the video as he has recovered and even managed to record his latest album Ukwenda Kwendoda. The album which was recorded soon after his recovery was released in November last year. It has eight tracks and features the runaway track Ulikholwa Elinjani.

Singing with his brother Bright, Mlilo has four albums — Uma Ngibheka Ubaba (2016), Kwazi Bani (2017), Sigqugquzela Inhlazeko (2018) which had hit Umrepha Kanjani and Ukwenda Kwendoda (2020)- Chronicle

Freedom Mlilo