LIVE-BREAKING: UK Court Convicts And Sentences ZANU PF Conman And Wife…
12 March 2021
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By A Correspondent | London | A British court has convicted and sentenced a ZANU PF conwoman who swindled people thousands of pounds under the guise of immigration fees.

Choice Dzviti was running a fake immigration service in the UK and she together with her husband were convicted of multiple counts of Fraud.


The trial of the commenced on 4th Jan 2021 and concluded with “Guilty” verdicts being returned against both defendants on all counts they faced.

Choice Dzviti was convicted of 2 counts of Fraud , by making false representations, 8 counts of providing immigration advice or services without being a qualified person, and a single count, naming multiple victims of being responsible for the provision of unqualified immigration advice and services, as a director of CS Law.

Sherman Dzviti was convicted of 3 counts of providing unqualified immigration advice or services.