Goat Meat Thieves Caught Braaing
13 March 2021
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TWO Gimboki, Mutare goat thieves received a thorough hiding last week on Friday night when they were caught partying and braaing goat meat shortly after a goat had been reported stolen in Dora Pindo.

Gimboki residents had to be restrained by the police as they assaulted Langton and Nyasha Mapanga.

While some shouted profanities at the two, some claimed that the pair should be thoroughly dealt with as they were a menace to the society. After being rescued from the mob by the police, the duo had to spend the night in police cells at Dangamvura Police Station.

The owner of the goat, Manyara Musiwacho, had tracked the goat from Chisamba Village in Dora to Langton’s residence in Gimboki, where the thieves were found braaing the liver and partying with friends at around 2am.

Musiwacho approached Langton and then alerted his neighbours.

The people came out in their numbers to discipline the duo.

“Langton is my neighbour in Dora and I had talked with him that night. When I got home, my wife told me that the goats were making weird sounds and when I went into their pen to check, I discovered that one was missing. That was around midnight.

“I went to Langton’s homestead to enquire from him, but he was not there. I decided to make a follow-up to Gimboki and that is when I found him partying with his friends. Everyone there admitted that they were braaing goat meat,” said Musiwacho.

Langton and Nyasha have since appeared before Mutare magistrate, Ms Tamara Chibindi, facing livestock theft charges.

They were convicted on their own guilty plea and were remanded to a later date to allow the State to check on their previous convictions.

Mr Tiriwamambo Kangai prosecuted.- Manica Post