MDC Alliance Youth Assembly Pays Tribute To Anne Nhira
13 March 2021
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Masvingo MDC A Youth Assembly mourns former studio 263 actress and model Anne Nhira ‘Vimbai’.

Zim Arts Industry full of talent but lacks government support.

As the MDC A youths we are deeply hurt by the passing on of Zimbabwe’s greatest talent in the mould of Anne Nhira. As MDCA youth we believe that the future lies in the hands of the young people across all sectors be it arts, sporting or leadership. It is therefore a difficult moment when one of such potential people dies.

We send our condolence to Anne Nhira’s family , friends and Zimbabwe as whole on such a sad loss. It has been a dark and unfortunate year for our country following the passing on of high profile like Soul Jah Love, Genius Ginimbi Kadungure among others. Time is never enough however we put all to the Almighty God.

The circumstances behind the death are so painful. Rogue behaviour and crime is rising across Africa and something has to be done to curb this. It is again the victims ‘Artists’ whom we expect to nature the behaviour of young unemployed youths from drugs and crime. *Hats off to Ziya arts group”Sabhuku Vharazipi” in our own Masvingo area for defieng a odds of earning little than you deserve but you continue to educate ` In this Covid 19 era, awareness campaigns have been a success through actors ,models and musicians.

Popularly known as ‘Vimbai’ Anne Nhira became popular on The TV series Studio 263. She was also into music and featured in Cde Nduna song kuenda mberi.

Unlike in Nigeria where the Nollyhood actors are one of the most earning artists, Zim artists have left the industry with less or none deserving wealthy or worthwhile proceeds. A lot has to be done by the government to uplift the arts industry since it is vital in shaping up societies.

In South Africa as well the industry also pays better but it remains a nightmare to Zim artists who have benefited less from government suport except after death hounors of heroes status the case of Tuku and Soul Ja love not mentioning Gringo and others. The regime does not have its citizens at heart instead only sectors like mining where politicians are major actors benefit from the government.

The weaker or bad part rather of the government is when they even persecute artists who expose corruption or air their views concerning governance , the case of comedian Gonyeti not foggetting the subotaging of Hosiah Chipanga and Winky D’s songs by State TV and Radio stations for political reasons better known to the propagandist Arts and culture ministry.

As an alternative government, the MDCA has it on record on its SMART policy on the need to improve on technological advancement to suit internation standards in as much as production is concerned be it filming or recording.

A number of misgoverned or mismanaged sectors habours the upliftment of the arts industry in Zimbabwe eg poor Electricity, lack of capital, oppressive media laws just to mention but a few. Advocate Chamisa had the answers to the Arts Industry problems through his expertise in ICT. Zimbabwean Arts Industry should know that Advocate Chamisa and MDCA are determined for a tolerant , uniting and supportive ministry in Arts and Culture and Media.

Citizens in Convergence for Change


Timoth Muswere
MDCA Masvingo Youth Assembly Spokesperson
[email protected]

Anne Nhira