Video Of Uebert Angel Openly Telling ChurchWomen: We Can Sleep With You Anytime.
13 March 2021
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By A Correspondent | ANALYSIS | The below is the video of the disgraced preacher Uebert Angel (real name Mudzanire) as he (using subtle metaphors) announced that both him and his colleague, ‘Apostle’ Tavonga Utabwashe, have power over female congregants’ flesh (privates) to sleep with them.

He said this as he taught women about a preacher remaining inside a female congregant’s body. He declared these statements, perceived by victims to be of a grooming nature, while appearing as if teaching the opposite- that is, warning women that they are in danger of being bedded by preachers.

But the statement, full transcript below, has metaphor repetitions that teach women to make themselves vulnerable in order to received from God, a victim narrated to ZimEye yesterday.

In the tutorial, the preacher says women must break their flesh in order to receive what he calls ‘anointing.’

This technique is usually used by skilled hypnotists and psychologists describe it in the following terms saying: Hypnotists use specific words and phrases to help people imagine possibilities.

The preacher has used this technique before while for instance being praised for staging miracles of miracle money and in the below video footage, his agent, the singer Mudiwa Hood (Mtandwa) is seen claiming there is a message from the South African Revenue service, canceling a tax bill, but a closer look at the message shows it is an sms authored by the phone’s owner himself, the male congregant. (See video). “Sars cancelled my debt,” the message states twice, and yet the crowd continues unaware they have been duped.

The text message Uebert Angel claims has come from the Revenue authority.

He made these statements in July 2013, and since that day scores of women have presented evidence they have been bedded by Uebert Angel. When he was engaged for a comment, Mr Mudzanire replied ZimEye, saying, “moral failure is not a crime… don’t cry more than the bereaved.”


Uebert Angel: Also there is also the biggest problem with regards to opening your spirit; that’s why many men of god are impregnating children in the church that’s why many shepherds, are eating the sheep.

It is, it is, a spiritual thing.

Whilst we can teach our people not to just receive with the mind but to get it also in the spirit, for you to open your spirit, you have to open your flesh.

I have said a very big thing. The big, the doorway for you to open your spirit, you break your flesh.

Many people ask me the question, how do I release the anointing? Remember a human being is spirit soul and body you never start with the body, there is no scripture that says body, spirit, and soul, there is no scripture whatsoever. It starts with spirit, soul and body and many people confuse spirit and soul. They think it’s the same thing. Yet the Bible says the Word of God is sharper than any two-edged sword, capable to separate the spirit from the soul, so if the word can separate the spirit from the soul it means that they are not one, they are two. Now but for me to be able to release the anointing inside it, is caged. That’s why the Bible says we have this treasure in earthen vessels.

So the flesh, if I manage to break it, I expose the anointing. When we wave our hand, that that is not releasing the anointing. When we say ‘take it’ that’s not releasing the anointing. It is directing the anointing.

Releasing the anointing is breaking your flesh removing your coat. Let’s say my t-shirt inside is the anointing, for me to expose it I remove this shirt. So you remove the flesh in order to expose the spirit.

Now that means that when the minister of God is standing here, if I speak a word to you right now now and you are mature, you open your flesh first. But after service, close your flesh, because I can take you to the back door of the office because your flesh is still open, then I sleep with you. You see, I can see you have not heard it. That’s why it’s very easy for a prophet, a pastor, an evangelist, to take a congregant who is very mature, and you hear that she was impregnated by the prophet, why? Because their flesh remained open, when we finished the church service.

Their flesh was supposed to be open – only to accept the word, not to accept the flesh of the man of God. Only that.

Uebert Angel: What congregants and the people of God do not know is right now whilst we are here in this service right now, for you to receive you have opened your flesh already, you have surrendered your flesh to us, that’s it! 

Uebert Angel: You have surrendered your flesh to us right now, so we can sleep with you anytime, I’m telling you the truth now, especially the mature ones, are the ones who are impregnated.


Uebert Angel: Cause they have opened their flesh,

Butabwashe: They release themselves.

Uebert Angel: Yes, because they want to receive. For the anointing to touch somebody that person has to release the flesh.

Butabwashe: If the flesh is not released the anointing cannot have access.

Uebert Angel: It can’t have access. But if you don’t close your flesh when you go out, the man of God remains in the flesh, he will do what? He can take advantage of you, because your flesh is open.

Butabwashe: Yeah. – ZIMEYE.COM