Susan Mutami Missing From Public-Eye Since RGM Airport Chaos Last Month
15 March 2021
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By A Correspondent | As this week marks one month after Norton MP, Temba Mliswa’s girlfriend was stopped from flying out of Zimbabwe, following her allegations that she possesses knowledge on the terrorists who bombed White City Stadium in June 2018, ZimEye launches a search for her whereabouts. Is she in Zimbabwe or in Australia?

Susan Mutami

This is Brisbane, where Susan Mutami resides and we check today check on her at her usual addresses. This is St Vincent’s Private Hospital, Brisbane, where she could be employed and where her mother, Rabecca works.

Susan herself used to work here as a Care Assistant.

We are told, “she is not here; she has not been seen in several months.”

We cannot reveal the identity of interviewee at the hospital, per their request.

We now head to Princess Alexandra Hospital. Susan Mutami is not here. Sources tell ZimEye she is not here at all.

The Hospital was placed into lockdown after a positive #COVID19 case was detected 3 days ago. But we manage to speak to a source via phone who responds saying:

“For legal purposes. I cannot say much, but the person you are asking for no longer works here,” a female employee tells ZimEye.

It also turns out Susan cannot work there anymore as she was fired over continued absenteeism, the day before she travelled to Zimbabwe last year.

We now turn to Durack, the place where Susan can only come when she arrives into the country. This is where she lives.

Two of Susan’s closest friends tell ZimEye, they do not believe she is anywhere in Australia. “If she comes back into the country she will come here first, ” one of her colleagues says while asking not to be identified due to the political sensitivities around her case in Zimbabwe.

Meanwhile, as Susan’s mother Rabeccca does not appear willing to speak with journalists, we turn back to Susan herself.

We send her two messages, one becomes, blueticked, the other is still to be opened.

1st message: “Hello Susan. Are you okay? You’ve gone suddenly quiet. Strength to you!”

2nd message: “Many are worried over you. When are you traveling to Australia?”

There is no reply at all, and neither does she pick the phone up, which is not characteristic of her.

As her Zimbabwean phone sounds disconnected, her two Australian numbers all lead to her voicemail boxes. They have been in this state for nearly month.

Where is Susan then, and is she the one who is tweeting on her portal in the last month? A structured content audit of her tweets suggests someone else is publishing the posts. Terms like FDI, and economy do not form her known vocabulary.

When she was stopped from flying out of Zimbabwe on the 18th February, she quickly sought the help of lawyers and began referring journalists to them. Her solicitor last month told ZimEye, “she is alive, she is ok and she is safe.

“I can’t say much due to professional ethics; She will come back to you soon,” she said without revealing much detail.

ZimEye checked on the position of the Australian Embassy in Harare whose assistance she invoked last month, and found in their statement they have distanced themselves from Miss Mutami’s case saying her private conduct in Zimbabwe does not fall under the embassy’s interests.

“Ms Mutami’s behaviour in Zimbabwe are matters for the Zimbabweans authorities as they fall under Zimbabwean law,” the Australian embassy said in a statement responding to her affair with Norton MP Temba Mliswa.

ZimEye today returns to the Australian Embassy for further comment as we investigate Susan Mutami’s whereabouts.