OPINION: Mnangagwa Needs Chamisa, Cannot Go It Alone
16 March 2021
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Leonard Koni| The year 2021 started at a very sad note. A year which everyone thought was going to breath a new lease of life has turned into a very bleak one coupled with myriad of challenges.

As long as we continue with politics of tribalism, sexism, regionalism, patronage and hatred surely Zimbabwe will never be successful and it will take more years to heal the nation. The country is so much divided on tribal political grounds. What shall we do? “`Todii Senzenjani?“`
Trojan horses are prevalent and numerous presently considering the current scenario. The purported new dispensation was simply another illusion and a fake for our beloved nation since the desired trajectory was never achieved.

Its failure was imprinted onto the walls for everyone to see. President Mnangagwa is not a leader of par excellence and he lacks that aura sound of leadership. He is not even aware that he is seating or presiding over a shakey government. To be precise President Mnangagwa cannot go it alone. He needs Chamisa in this game.

Teachers are not happy with the stimulus packages they are getting from the state. Nearly all civil servants except the uniformed forces if not the army are the only people happy in the government. The situation has now reached a tipping point.

The struggle of the people of Zimbabwe has nearly reached the fulcrum of the crux. People are increasingly becoming impatient even the diehards.

The ordinary people who survive on crossing the borders are still stuck in the inferno. The cross border traders mostly survive on trading between South Africa and Zimbabwe and the situation is now unbearable.

The so called system under the crocodile has been exposed of its shortcomings. Compliments to the MDC-Alliance which is always keeping the ruling party at its toes.

Zimbabwe is such a very rich country but it is being mismanaged.

A country that expressly harnesses and utilizes its mineral resources for the betterment of their citizenry has advanced in this modern cosmos for a very gòod example the once troubled Rwanda.

The opposition MDC Alliance seems to be the only party which has people at heart unlike the political street urchin MDC- T which was born out of a Zanu PF wedlock.

We have noticed the efforts from the MDC-Alliance leaders on the 12 000 people of Chilonga who are facing eviction to pave way to a farmer who wants to grow lucerne for his cattle.

What President Emmerson Mnangagwa don’t understand is that power is like morning dew. It evaporates as the temperature rises. His dialogue with political failures grouped under the umbrella of Polad jas failed to produce the fruits.

There is need for a genuine political dialogue in the country not this defunct Polad. The only meaningful dialogue must be between Nelson Chamisa who garnered more than two million votes. Any political dialogue without MDC-Alliance non other than plitical grandstanding.

The cowards Douglas Mwonzora and Thokozanu Khupe who have betrayed the people’s struggle and went to bed with the devil, seem to be losing the steam and the verve. The Douglas Mwonzora’s web of Zanu PF capture has been unravelled and the people are ready to place him into his political oblivion.

They have been unmasked and exposed. The freedom train is ready to resist any form of oppression coming in disguise as an opposition party yet it is a surrogate of the ruling party.
The government must speed up the process of rolling out vaccines to make sure that the choked democratic space is open up and end these lockdowns

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