Energy Mutodi Feels Vindicated After Magufuli’s Death
18 March 2021
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By A Correspondent| Former Deputy Information minister Energy Mutodi says Tanzanian President John Magufuli’s death has vindicated him after he was condemned for pointing out that the East African country’s poor handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mutodi was condemned after he posted on Twitter suggesting that Magufuli had made a blunder by keeping churches in Tanzania open as that had resulted in the rise of coronavirus cases.

The government through the Foreign Affairs ministry distanced itself from Mutodi’s remarks saying his views did not reflect the position of Zimbabwe.

With Magufuli dead now, Mutodi says God vindicated him as he was rejected and rebuked after pointing out the East African giant’s big mistake in handling the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The Lord Almighty has vindicated His servant in the death of Tanzanian President John Pombe Magafuli. Where there was rejection and rebuke, He has provided reparation,” said Mutodi.

Magufuli shocked the rest of the world after he declared victory over the COVID-19 pandemic while stopping the publication of statistics.

He never introduced lockdowns and allowed sporting activities to go on, a move many felt was wreckless considering the deadliness of COVID-19.