Government Agents Arrest, Harass Opposition Activists
18 March 2021
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By A Correspondent

Government agents arrested four MDC Alliance activists at the weekend.

Mr G Tinarwo and Mr Assah Muzenyi and two other activists were arrested while conducting a party meeting in Glen View, Harare.

The four MDC Alliance activists were arrested on Sunday March 14.

“Mr Assah Muzenyi , Godwin Tinarwo and two others were attending a party meeting in Glenview. They were arrested taken to Glenview Police Station where they were held .

They were accused of holding an unauthorized meeting.
The accused were later separated from each other and taken to different holding cells,” MDC Alliance said in a statement.

“Men in civilian clothes came and interrogated Tinarwo and
Muzenyi was later taken to an unknown location along Masvingo road.
According to sympathetic government sources, Muzenyi was heavily assaulted and left for the dead. He was being accused of acquiring and selling state secrets through his Telecommunications company.
The accused were all severely assaulted and released without any charges. This shows abuse of office by the government agents. MDC Alliance expresses great concern at the continued persecution of its members,” the party added.

MDC Alliance meeting in Mash West
Assah Muzenyi