Picture Of ZANU PF’s Obert Gutu Joining ZANU PF And Mnangagwa Celebrating
18 March 2021
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Obert Gutu says he is not interested in any political positions as he joins Zanu PF.

Obert Gutu at State House

“We feel we are here to contribute to the development of the country. Speaking entirely for myself, I am not position-oriented. I know some people will say Gutu wants this post or that post, that’s far from it.

Mnangagwa celebrates Over Gutu re admission

“We are here to play our part albeit a small part for the development of this country and the Vision which the Second Republic has fashioned for this country, Vision 2030 which is achievable with the right mindset and skills set,” he said.

Cde Gutu once served as Deputy Minister of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs during the inclusive Government (2009-2013).

He assumed the vice presidency of the MDC-T following the split that occurred when Mr Morgan Tsvangirai died, deputising the MDC-T then led by Ms Thokozani Khupe.

President Mnangagwa said Cde Gutu had felt his heart was with the ruling party.

“Obert is a young man. He said he has a conscience and he slept over his conscience and came to the conclusion that this party that he was in would not give him satisfaction for the purposes of revolutionarily contributing to the construction, growth and modernisation of Zimbabwe and charting the destination of the people of this country,” he added.

Senator Makore said he had returned home.

“We do feel we have to contribute to the economy, we can’t consistently fight without producing any tangible result for the economy and by and large we can be a cog in national development,” he said.

Makore was an MDC-T Senator for Chitungwiza.