Anne Nhira Died Planning A White Wedding, Who Did She Want To Wed With?
19 March 2021
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By James Gwati-The late Studio 263 actress, Anne Nhira, died at a time she was planning for a white wedding with an unnamed man, her sister has revealed.

“She was my best friend, I knew everything about her, I knew her deep secrets and she knew mine as well.
“If I had a problem, I would call her anytime, even midnight, and she would respond.
“She told me in January that she wanted a wedding, and I was happy.
Said Anne’s South Africa based sister.
“I was pained, is this the wedding, ndiwo here muchato wacho munin’ina.
“Last week we were talking about gowns and I asked her if she had bought the gown which she had promised. But she said she was still raising the money.
“The day she died, I sent her a message, which she didn’t respond to, it had one tick and I thought she would respond since she normally does that late.
“I then got carried away, only to receive a message from my uncle that she had passed on. I am still to believe that she is gone.

Anne died in South Africa last week from injuries she sustained fro a robbery attack.