Fake Sangoma Hires Married Women For Ritual Sperm Harvesting
19 March 2021
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By James Gwati- A Macheke man, Fungai Bvunzawabaya, popularly known as Sekuru Makombe, was exposed for hiring married women, make them cheat and harvest sperms from their subjects for a fee.

Sekuru Makombe was exposed after his weird orders for a married Kadoma woman to spend three days in the house naked harvesting sperms from several men for ritual purposes wrecked a marriage of six years.

Sekuru Makombe told the state media that several people have been consulting him for ritual purposes since the commencement of the national lockdown in March last year.

A Kadoma woman exposed Sekuru Makombe saying her marriage collapsed over cheating with several men for his rituals. She also said he failed to pay her for the services.

“I am living in fear and I plead with you not to disclose my contacts because Sekuru Makombe is a witch doctor,” she said.

“My marriage collapsed when my husband discovered that I was bedding several men intending to get money quickly.