Obert Gutu To Publish Opinion In State Media On Why He Joined Zanu Pf
19 March 2021
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Former MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu who recently joined the ruling party has been blasted on micro blogging Twitter after he told people to look forward to his opinion in Sunday Mail on why he joined ZANU PF.


Don’t miss my opinion piece to be published in the country’s leading weekly @ SundayMailZim on Sunday,March 21,2021,” reads Gutu’s tweet.

Former Cabinet Minister Walter Mzembi said Gutu does not owe anyone an explanation since it is his choice.

“Chitova it’s your choice, you do not owe anyone an explanation,just like the beard you are grooming is a personal choice! tweeted Mzembi.

Alouis Zananhwe said Gutu is bothering himself in trying to explain himself.

“Akungozvinetsawo nekuda kutipa explanation uyo.”

“Do you need a whole article to say l was trapped, my handlers have my DMs and other compromising  materials,and l needed some money so l jumped onto the gravy train,” Gerald Nyoni said.

Several opposition officials have crossed the flow to ZANU PF and a number of opposition Members of Parliament have been recalled there by weakening MDC A.