President Chamisa Relates How Zanu PF Agents Attempted To Kill Him…
19 March 2021
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On this day 18 March 2007, enroute to ACP/EU parly business in Brussels I was attacked at the RGM Airport in an assassination plot.

The Assassins not arrested, fired gunshots into the air and fled movie style. They were heavily armed.

God saved me.I was helped by a yet to be identified woman who had just arrived from the UK on an AirZim flight.

This Samaritan woman saw me being attacked and screamed, calling on the assailants to stop the assault, gave me her handkerchief to help stop the bleeding. She called out for help.

A God sent angel! Wherever you are mom thank you. I’d love to meet you in person and thank you for your courage and for saving my life when all others chose to be spectators.

The road to a New Zimbabwe has not been easy but we will get there..This has been a tough and rough road.. a difficult journey.

Please understand when I say #Godisinit

MDC Alliance President

Advocate Nelson Chamisa

President Chamisa after being attacked by suspected State Security agents