Chebundo Says Publicity Crazy Auxillia Mnangagwa Is Such A Good Mother
20 March 2021
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By Jane Mlambo| Former MDC Alliance senior member who recently joined Zanu PF together with Lillian Timveos, Blessing Chebundo has showed praises on President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s wife Auxillia.

Chebundo was speaking at a ceremony in Kwekwe where Auxillia was donating to the less privileged.

Below are the words of Chebundo;

“I would like to give praise to God for giving us such a good mother for our nation, our First Lady,” Chebundo said.

“I have high regard for the First Lady. I am a history student and I love history a lot. I know that when building the future, you look at where you came from, where you are and where you are going.”

“Before independence, I was young, but I don’t recall if (Late Rhodesian Prime Minister Ian) Smith had a First Lady or not. I have never heard of her.

“Then there was (Abel) Muzorewa, I don’t remember ever hearing of a First Lady. At independence, I then heard about the mother of our country Sally Mugabe, then after that, the office of the First Lady was not clear,” he said, in apparent disparaging remarks aimed at Grace Mugabe, who was succeeded by Auxilia.

“Today, we are not presenting a historical account but something tangible. I am not saying this because she (Auxilia) is here.

“Over the last few years when I was still in opposition before coming home, I would, through the lenses of opposition. But while watching TV with my wife one day, we marvelled at her non-partisanship. Your actions will carry us forward as a nation Amai.

“Since independence, we have never seen such philanthropy, these are excellent works by the First Lady,” he said.