Did you say Magufuli was God (not Mnangagwa) Fearing?
20 March 2021
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Response to Tanzanian man who says the late John Magufuli was God fearing (video)

Was John Magufuli diligent, a man who for his nation’s health, failed to do a 10 min read of Biblical history full of thousands of years of COVIDS/airborne pandemics/pestilences?

How different is Magufuli to Donald Trump, the latter who also revived US nationalism refusing to bow down to foreign interference, attacking the UN, while yet directly causing the death of hundreds of thousands of his own citizens through reckless populism?

For us Zimbabweans Magufuli personally sponsored Mnangagwa’s genocide, condemned by the African Union. He is on video ignoring the plight of suffering Zimbos, while calling for the self boasting genocide criminal, Mnangagwa, to be exonerated.

Yes, he was against the LGBT community, and that’s Tanzanian tradition, but does that translate to leadership of a nation of diverse people? Is attacking the LGBT an accomplishment? What of genocide in Zimbabwe?

Some shocking irony is that the only African Head Of State to go head on against Mnangagwa-Mugabe was Ian Khama. I am still trying to work out what this means for the type of leadership we have in Africa.- Simba Chikanza