Gokwe Detective Stabbed
20 March 2021
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By A Correspondent- 2 people Jephat Manoti and Bruce Nzungu were arrested after they stabbed a Gokwe based Detective who later on died due to the injuries he sustained during the stabbing, Bulawayo24 reports.

According to the publication, the late detective, 32-year-old Lloyd Muchachiona was walking with a friend in Gokwe CBD at Craft Center, as he was approaching Mupfungautsi Surburb, the suspects emerged and started shouting violently that ZRP officers were troubling them (” mapurisa munoda kutonetsa”).

The duo reportedly stabbed Muchachiona twice the thigh and they also stabbed his friend on the shoulder before he managed to escape the attack. Muchachiona reportedly collapsed and died after the incident.

Muchachiona’s body awaits postmortem and the matter is still being investigated.