Bishop Doubles Up As Sangoma, Congregants Drink Traditional Beer At Shrine
21 March 2021
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Bishop Nyaruvenda

An apostolic sect church leader is reportedly wearing 2 different cloaks as he has admitted that he is a prophet sometimes and if need be, he will exchange the prophet’s cloak for the traditional healer (sangoma)’s cloak to help those who come to him looking for solutions to life’s various problems, The Sunday Mail reports.

Bishop Cuthbert Nyaruvenda, the founder of Sangano Dzvene Revapostori Church admitted to the Sunday Mail that he dips in both ponds of Christianity and traditionalism which is viewed by some as 2 distinctly different roles from different worlds that cannot mix.

Recently the controversial leader is said to have conducted a religious ceremony at his church where traditional beer and traditional snuff (Bute) was present and his church congregants gladly drank the traditional beer and took turns to take the snuff.

In an interview, Bishop Nyaruvenda reportedly said there was absolutely nothing wrong with practising faith and traditional healing at the same time:

It started as a suggestion. I noticed that many of my followers have problems that can only be solved through traditional healing. After a church service, I called upon those that would want to have their problems solved the traditional way to stay behind. 

I was shocked by the response. The majority of the congregation stayed behind and what followed was a day in which evil spirits were cast away the traditional way

I said it before and I am going to say it again: Most people, among them well-known religious leaders, are hypocrites.During the day, they will be busy castigating traditional healing yet these are people that come to seek our services during the night. 

The Vapostora Bishop also said people were made to believe that African Spirits are demons:

In our traditional beliefs, we have the spirits and in Christianity these are the angles. Unfortunately, the majority of our people were deliberately misinformed and believe that African spirits are demons

People who commented on the issue said it was impossible for one man to be both a traditionalist and a Christian and Bishop Nyaruvenda must choose one side and not pick both.-statemedia