Mob Forces Thief To Drink Pubic Hair And Blood Mixed Concoction
21 March 2021
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By James Gwati- An angry mob in Mutare’s Chikanga suburb has forced a habitual thief to drink a concoction of herbs and pubic hair after catching him red-handed stealing.

Liberty Muchagumisa was forced by an angry mob to drink a concoction of herbs that was mixed with his pubic hair.

When The Manica Post arrived at the scene, Muchagumisa was in the custody of the Police who had swiftly moved in to save him from a thorough beating from the mob.

Initially, residents had hesitated to attack him after he had claimed that he uses juju to sneak in and out of people’s houses without being dictated.

He showed people the rings that were on his fingers and claimed that they were some of his juju.
However, some daring residents pounced on him and forced him to drink the concoction.