Manyeruke Speaks On Fake Jaguar Promise, Says Has Forgiven The Bogus Music Promoter
23 March 2021
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By James Gwati-Gospel musician Baba Machanic Manyeruke said he had forgiven and forgotten about Pride Africa Network director Sheppard Sirewu who in 2014 promised him a Jaguar XF car.

In 2014 Siweru promised the veteran musician a Jaguar XF as an honour for his contribution to the music industry.

Dinner and a concert were held where it was announced that Baba Manyeruke, as he is lovingly called by fans, would get the car before year-end.

Manyeruke was shown the car that he was supposed to get at a media photoshoot.

It has been seven years now and Siweru has not delivered on his promise or updated Manyeruke on the progress.

Speaking to the state media Monday, Manyeruke said he had forgiven the fake promoter.

“Well, I have forgiven and forgotten about that music promoter dealer. He was someone trying to raise his bar by honouring musicians, but unfortunately, it did not happen.

“We met and spoke about it. I never pursued the issue again because this was a promise and you know they can be broken. But I urge and encourage music promoters or business people who would want to work with us to honour promises they would have put on the table and finish everything first, rather than to have glory and fame for things that are not there. That will be an abuse of the sector.”

Manyeruke said he was grateful as some well-wishers had been coming on board to assist him considering that the music sector has been hard-hit by Covid-19.

“My last performance was in December of last year in Bulawayo. I miss the stage, but for now, there is nothing we can do. I am happy that Mikayi from Voice of Mbare managed to drill a borehole at my rural house. I was surprised by the gesture.

“He didn’t want that to be publicised that time, but it is worth mentioning,” said Manyeruke.